Mentor match: Sam, Norb, and Deb (left to right)

January is National Mentoring Month! Mentors can play a powerful role in helping young people to succeed. Take a moment to think of who you looked up to growing up; it could be a coach, a teacher, a family friend. Now imagine if they set aside two hours a month just for you. Every kid is one caring adult away from being the best they can be. You could be that one caring adult who makes a difference.

Sam participates in Lakes Center for Youth and Families (LC4YF) Making Connections Mentoring program. He has a “super couple” mentor, Deb and Norb Hulbert. In the past year, Sam has made it on to the football team, has been staying caught up on his homework, and has been excelling in his music classes. He attributes some of his success to his mentors, saying, “I’ve learned that I can’t make excuses and that I have to work hard for the things I want.”  Sam’s mom, Becky, says that between the support at LC4YF and Deb and Norb, there is no doubt in her mind this support system is directly responsible for the way he has matured and grown; he is very successful today.

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership reports that youth who have a mentor are less likely to skip school, more likely to enroll in college, and are less likely to use illegal drugs than their peers. The best part? There are no special skills required to be a mentor, just a couple hours a month and a willingness to help. Mentor matches spend time together doing things that they both enjoy like play games, watch movies, play sports. We have youth in the Forest Lake, Chisago Lakes, and North Branch areas waiting for you.

For more information, visit or contact Jenna Jones at LC4YF at 651-464-3685 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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