Youth participants learning about "Career Success"

Yes, Lakes Center for Youth and Families (LC4YF) does work with youth who are experiencing some challenges. We’re here to help youth that are acting out or making mistakes, learn and move forward in a more positive way.


BUT we also do more than that! We also work with youth who want to learn about life- about college, about career options, about personal finance. We work with youth who want to make a difference in their community by volunteering.  We’re here for them, too. To provide education on planning for their future, to provide real work experiences, job tours, and volunteer opportunities to help them on their scholarship applications.


Launch is just one of those things we do. It’s free and open to all 8th-12th graders in the Forest Lake Area and Chisago County. It’s offered monthly, each month has a different topic related to what it takes to be a successful adult. From learning critical skills for the workforce, to learning what careers are available based on their interests, to how to start saving money for their future now.


Everyone is welcome, no matter how they hear about us. Want more information on more of our college & career readiness programs? Check out our website www.lc4yforg or contact Jenna Jones at 651-464-3685 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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