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Before filling out the information below, be sure to thoroughly read and understand the rules and guidelines for the program within the Job Connection Packet. You can download the packet by clicking here. If you have questions, please call Jenna at 651-464-3685 before completing the form.


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I have read and understand the "Job Connection Program Adult Information" packet. If I had any questions, I contacted a staff member at LC4YF at 651-464-3685 and had them thoroughly answered.

I understand the youth worker's contact information I have access to is confidential within my household and will not be shared outside of my household.

I understand that the information I am providing on this form is accurate and will be used for registration pursposes. The information will be used by LC4YF only to create statistical reports and will not be shared with anyone else.

I also understand that youth are independent contractors, not employees of LC4YF, and I am assuming all liability regarding the work they do at my home.