Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) Intervention Program works in partnership with parents, schools, and the justice system. Staff at LC4YF help youth who are involved in high risk behavior understand that they are responsible for the outcomes of their decisions. By using a combination of program elements designed to reduce problem behaviors, youth gain knowledge and skills that lead to healthier relationships, better decision making, and a deeper connectedness with family and community.

LC4YF believes the advice, guidance and involvement of parents & guardians is essential for a youth’s success in life. Through parent/guardian involvement in this program, positive values are reinforced and integrated into daily life. The Lakes Center for Youth & Families’ community justice philosophy is based on four restorative justice values: Crime is a violation of people & relationships; Crime creates obligations to make things right; Justice involves the victim, offender & community; Justice seeks solutions which promote repair, reconciliation and reassurance.

The cost of these programs are indicated in the program descriptions below. Fees for the programs are due at the time of service. There is financial assistance available for those who qualify. Please ask a LC4YF staff for a financial assistance application.

Intervention Program Options:

  • General Intake/Assessment: An one hour intake appointment with the Intervention Manager where youth is assessed using the MAYSI-2 and YLS screening tools. The results of those tools, combined with the staff interview, are used to assign program components based on risk level of reoffending and are referred to appropriate programs and classes. (Parents/Guardians also must attend, $25 fee)
  • Twelve & Under: Recommended for participants under the age of 12. Complete three to five - one hour sessions that includes discussion on decision making and learning skills to prevent further offenses. (Parents/Guardians also must attend  $35/session)
  • Reasoning Skills Program (R.S.P.): 3-5 one hour sessions for one-on-one skill building program that is cognitive skill based to help youth make better decisions (Parents/Guardians also must attend part of the session, $35/session)
  • Chemical Services: Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) is proud to offer Chemical Services including a Chemical Health Screen, a Chemical Health Assessment (Rule 25)  & Teen Intervene programming.
  • Educational Classes: Lakes Center for Youth & Families offers three classes to assist youth. The three classes are: Tobacco/Nicotine Awareness, Chemical Awareness, & Choice & Consequence.
  • Community Panel: This service is used as a follow up option for youth as determined by our Intervention Manager. Youth appear before a restorative justice panel of trained community volunteers that represent the victims of crime and the community as a whole to each youth. Panels use the restorative principle of getting offenders face to face with victims of crime and make it apply to every juvenile offense that we process. Our panel members are affected community members with a stake in seeing each youth learn from their mistake and repair the harm they caused.

Services available when referred by a police department, county, or court:

Community Work Service Only: A half an hour meeting discussing community work service options. (Parents/Guardians also must attend, $15 fee)

Restitution: This service is to ensure that victims of theft/property damage are given restitution. This amount is determined by the County Referral through an Affidavit.

For more information on any of these programs/services, call our Intervention Manager at 651-464-3685.