Community Justice

Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) Community Justice Program is a community-based program that works with the offender, the victim and the community when a criminal offense occurs. The program revolves around the young person taking responsibility for his/her actions and understanding that their behavior affects more than themselves. They are asked to think of the person they hurt with their actions and apologize for any damage they may have caused.  More About Community Justice.

 Educational Classes

Below are classes that youth can attend. Parent are required to attend the following classes with their youth: Chemical Awareness; Choice & Consequences, 15 & under and 16 & older; Community Panel

Chemical Awareness Class:  A two night class for youth and parents about chemicals.  This prevention education class focuses on alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.  In the class participants learn the current facts about these commonly used substances and about ways they lose control when if they use them. More About Educational Classes


Twelve and Under

When youth under the age of twelve begin stealing from stores or people, vandalizing, beating up other kids, or committing other law violations, services designed for them are hard to come by.  At Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF), we developed our Twelve and Under Restorative Justice Program specifically to meet the needs of this population of youth.

The Twelve and Under Program focuses on giving youth and their families the help they need to get their lives back on track. Through the program, youth, along with their families, learn and understand the consequences of their actions, explore family dynamics, and begin to make amends for their actions. More About Twelve & Under

Upcoming Programs, Fundraisers, and Events

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