Lakes Center for Youth & Families is excited to offer adolescent psychotherapy groups at both our office and in Forest Lake area schools. Group topics include anxiety/depression, stress management, emotion identification and regulation, grief, transition, healthy relationships, and mindfulness.

Some benefits of group counseling include the opportunity to see that others are struggling in similar ways. Feelings of isolation will likely become lessened as clients hear the stories of others and realize they struggle as well. Whether dealing with anger, anxiety, depression or other life struggles, group counseling offers clients validation and understanding.

Group sessions are the perfect environment for clients to practice interpersonal relations and social skills. While it’s common for those dealing with mental health issues or other life struggles to experience difficulties in their relationships, group counseling allows clients to interact with other members, with the facilitator helping to process the interactions. This processing enables members to gain an understanding of others’ points of view and to learn healthy ways of communicating or resolving differences. Through observing the actions of members clients are able to gain tremendous insight into their own behaviors.

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