Chemical Services

As a part of our Intervention Program, Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) is proud to offer Chemical Services. LC4YF is a part of community efforts to reduce underage drinking and drug use in the lakes area communities. Our goal is to provide effective outcome based services to prevent the occurrence of chemical abuse among teens.

Chemical Health Screen: A 30 minute-one hour session to screen for chemical use to determine if additional services are needed, including an in depth Chemical Health Assessment/ Rule 25. (Parents/Guardians also must attend part of the session, $25 fee)

Chemical Health Assessments (Rule 25 Assessments): This tool is an in-depth analysis (1-3 hours) of the youth’s relationship to chemicals and can serve as the basis for official referrals to treatment or other intervention programs. A Chemical Health Assessment is primarily used to assess history of chemical use, pattern of use and background information to determine the appropriate level of intervention and care needed moving forward. (Parents/Guardians also must attend part of the session. We do not accept insurance for this service, instead we have an affordable $150 fee)

Teen Intervene: Using motivational interviewing techniques, this program allows counselors to listen to teens and begin to create doubt about the benefits of their use. (Parent/Guardian may be required to attend part of each session. $35 fee per session)

Chemical Awareness Class:  A three hour long Alcohol and Substance use prevention class that will cover topics such as why teens use chemicals, how various chemicals affect the teenage brain, the specific dangers various chemicals present, addiction, goal setting, and values. (Parents/Guardians also must attend, $100 fee)

Financial Assistance Applications are available if needed.