Join Rebecca Bowers, Youth & Family Counselor with Lakes Center for Youth & Families, at our FREE weekly Parent Support Group! Wherever you are in life; and in your parenting journey; we are here for you! Through our group you will be able to access educational/informational opportunities, learn valuable skills, and set new goals for yourself as a parent. Just in time for the new school year; our first group will be Thursday, August 3rd at 6:30 pm! If you have any questions please call Rebecca at 651-464-3685.

What can a Parent Support Group do for you? The list is endless, but we came up with a few things.

  1. Sometimes, parenting can feel lonely! You might feel like every other parent has all the answers, except for you. That’s not true, and a Parent Support Group is a great place to share and feel supported.
  2. Parent Support Groups can serve as an excellent hub for expressing needs and finding resources.
  3. Parent Support Groups allow you a safe place to vent, share triumphs along with disappointments.
  4. Parent Support Groups will help you to understand and appreciate the child you have.
  5. Parent Support Groups are an excellent place to form deep friendships.

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